Workshop: Body-mind connection work for patients with Idiopathic scoliosis

This workshop aims to give practical tools for professionals who work with patients (adolescents and adults) with Idiopathic Scoliosis. Adolescents with IS seem to have some issues in their body awareness according to neurological researches. Furthermore, neuroscience explains the strong relationship between postures and emotions/cognitions. How can you as professionals help patients in order to promote their physical and mental wellbeing working through the body?

In psychology, Body work is a powerful tool and allows different functions, such as:

  • to promote body awareness (being present in the body)
  • to empower or center the patient (promoting self-esteem or connecting to the present)
  • to express how s/he feels (emotions)
  • to relieve stress

Body work is also an important way to work in groups (in large, small and in pair).

In this workshop, there will be a theoretical part and a relevant practical one, with time to experiment teqniques, to discuss cases and to role-play situations in order to train you in this work.


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