If you are a physical therapist and you work with people with scoliosis, you have a very important role and sometimes you may be challenged by situations not always easy to manage.

You are a witness of the patients’ adherence to treatment, you can sense their motivation, as well as that of their entire family. Furthermore, your ability to perceive body tensions is very acute. Listening to family communication makes you understand your client’s situation in a more complete way.

How to deal with all that?

If patients are teenagers, how to help them with their body image, with their normal conflicts due to age, their silence, their self-esteem?

How to deal with the family, with this hyper-worried mother who seeks guarantees and certainties?

How to manage if your adult patients are in a fight with their internal and external world? They suffer pain or they hate their scoliosis….

If all that resonates with you and you need a space to explore the most challenging cases for you and to find psychological tools to approach the patient, you can contact me to schedule an online session. I will share with you all my experience, knowledge and my psychological training. Together we will look for alternative ways, starting from a fully integrated vision to get out of the difficulty.