For patients

If you are the mother or the father of an adolescent with scoliosis and you feel a bit confused, you need some support in managing this new or stressing situation;

If you have scoliosis and you feel scoliosis as an obstacle in your life

If you are a teenager wearing an orthopedic brace and you feel excluded from your circles of friends, you may find yourself alone because you feel that nobody understands you.

If you have been operated or if you have to be operated, and you need to talk about some related difficulties

If you recognize yourself in one of the above situations, you can always decide to find a solution to your problem and develop more awareness of yourself and your needs.

Remember that stress is not a disorder, but a challenge that, if poorly solved, can lead to disorders. A brief and timely intervention can help you to develop coping strategies to deal with the situation.

So, let’s start working!!!