English Online Interactive Course for Professionals who Treats Adolescents with Scoliosis (start on 5th of October)

Monica Bicalho and I are glad to announce the start of the second edition of this online course! You can attend the course without moving from your home 🙂

This is a theoretical-practical course supported by current scientific theories from
various fields such as neuroscience, psychology, psychotherapy and the pathogenesis of
scoliosis. The goal is to succeed in knowing our patients in greater depth by integrating the
various perspectives. In fact, despite the mystery inscribed in the word idiopathic,
more and more knowledge is emerging thanks to the ever more numerous studies on
Being small groups, all the participants are given the possibility of actively interacting,
supervising patients, and working on a personal and professional level.
The weekly format has the great advantage for participants of introducing gradually new
tools in their daily work, commenting on and collecting these experiences during the
course, developing new perspectives and enriching by the interaction among the members
of the group.

If you want to know more, here you can find the presentation of the course in English and in Portuguese.

If you are interested in getting your course, you can buy it from here or make a transfer to the bank account that is in the Course Presentation (PDF Format above)

Online Interactive Course for professionals of scoliosis

A theoretical and practical course for improving the therapy with your patient and including the mind-body perspective.