Emotional support for patients undergoing a scoliosis surgery: 1-hour-course

This workshop was inspired by real questions I have received from professionals working with patients. There is a real and genuine need of the professional to support the patients undergoing to surgery. Many of them can experiment the surgery as a difficult moment of loneliness, helplessness and lack of power.

This course will give you some insights to improve your understanding of a person who undergoes to a surgery thanks to neuroscience’s application to the human beahovior.

You will also find practical tools in order to help the patient before and after the surgery.

How can we empower our patients? How can we give them tools to manage the situation, before and after the surgery?



45′ class Theory: Neuroscience, research, preparation to surgery and work after it.

15′ Q&A Dynamic part where I answered to several meaningful questions the assistants asked me


  • The Powerpoint in PDF format about the theory
  • The story of the “Wolf woman” (from Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD. “Women who run with the wolves”. 1992, http://openbooks.tk)


Visualization of the safe place

*All these materials came from a live workshop directed to physical therapists, pilates/yoga instructors, nurses. All the material has been treated in order to mantain the anonynity of the assistants.


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