Enjoy Life with Idiopathic Scoliosis during Adolescence is a specific book directed to professionals who treat adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis, as physiotherapists, orthotists, doctors and psychologists. It is focused on the psychological aspects of our work.

The book consts of two parts: first part is about how we can communicate to these patients and their parents in the best way. There is also a practical decalogue of good strategies to use when we meet the patients the first time. 

The second part is a journey in the adolescent world: we explore the body image and body’s issues related to the brace (3rd chapter); we try to understand the most common emotions related to the brace the adolescent lives such as sadness, shame, fear, anger…and how we can help when they are going across them (4th chapter); and at the end we catch the ESSENCE of the mind of the adolescence and how as adults we can help them with our Presence (5th chapter).

For each chapter,  clinical cases and practical work proposals are presented.

I hope it could be an inspiring book for your daily work!

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Well written and insightful! Important information for clinicians taking care of teens with scoliosis.

Patrick Knott, Phd, PA-C. Professor at Rosalind Franklin University; Research & Development for Diers Medical Systems

Simply great !!! This book opens a general view to the world of adolescents with scoliosis. From the medical point of view, it gives many guidelines to improve the professional – patient relationship; as well as strategies to increase adherence to treatment. The book constantly reinforces teamwork and empathy for the adolescent and his family. An unmissable material!