Enjoy Life with IS during Adolescence Course

This is an experiential course addressed to Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, CPOs and psychologists to improve the relationship with our adolescent patients with Idiopathic Scoliosis. The science backed program is full of the newest research in scoliosis and neuroscience but also activities, clinical cases, psychological tips, dynamic work….a dynamic mix between science and hummanities, logic and emotions, left and right brain hemispheres, mainly practical with group activities related to the adherence to treatment, communication, emotions, leadership, relationship, etc.

The course connects different areas of human knowledge related to the experience of adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis, making bridge between psychology, neuroscience, emotions, expression, adolescence’s theory, nervous system, etc. etc

• To be able to build healthy relationship with a patient with IS and his/her family since the beginning.
• To thrive the mechanism of patient’s adherence to the treatment and to learn effective strategies to enhance it.
• To recognize their own style and gain skills to become an “inspiring leader”.
• To deeply understand the ESSENCE of the Adolescents’ mind and its impact on their lives from neuroscience to psychology.
• To learn the role of emotions and the development of their regulation as well as finding out strategies to manage “difficult” emotions.
• To recognize psychopathological clinical symptoms and to know how to manage difficulties.

We had the first edition in New York , Hunter College (5th-6th of October, 2019).We spent a good time, learning and improving as professionals.

 If you are interested in organizing the course in your centre, contact me through dagata.e@gmail.com for information, program, dates, etc.

Here some pics about the course in NY: the group made by PTs and CPOs was beautiful, so competent and so motivated. It was a great honour working with them. Thanks Hagit Berdishevsky who organized the course and all the participants coming from NY and other parts of US (Florida, Buffalo, etc, etc). Thank you guys!


Dr. Hagit Berdishevsky- Physical Therapist, PT, DPT

This post is for you, special special women and professional who open gave us a wonderful, meaningful and sensational weekend course here at Hunter College in NYC.  
Through your beautiful character as a women and therapist, your inspiring energy and empathy to your work and patients, your emotional intelligence, your high and connected educational skills, your eye to eye abilities to connect with all and everyone as individual, your highly scientific and evidence based presentations, your special lab practice experiences you have transform a group of 15 high level Schroth therapists and orthoptist in the US to another level of care givers. Care givers who will now be better in understanding the mechanism of patient’s adherence to the treatment and hopefully will be capable in finding easier and effective strategies to enhance it. Care givers who will strive to become inspiring leader recognizing the different styles of relationship with our patients and now will now have much better understanding of the Adolescents’ mind and their impact on their lives from neuroscience to psychology and will try to be better in improving the adolescents’ wellbeing. Who will work hard to understand the different emotions and find out strategies to manage “difficult” emotions and know when to refer to another professional.
I believe that your goals for us this weekend have transferred to us through your great teaching and human skills and now we have to apply them.
You are just an amazing sole and thank you for coming all the way from Barcelona to NYC.

With love to you and the community.

 Best Regards,

Meredith Cohen Weiss  – Physical Therapist, PT

We were so lucky to learn from you! Thank you for generously sharing so much wisdom and guidance.
Your recommendations make such beautiful sense and will not only make my job easier and more fun, but improve the compliance, the outcomes + experience of all my patients.
This course should be required for all C2 therapists. We don’t know what we don’t know until we know!
So grateful for you, and props to Hagit for making it happen!
Looking forward to next time, wherever that may be!

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